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Related article: Date : Wed, 23 February 2011 23 27th 58 -0600 From: Andrew Lorenzetti u003candrewgay41 hotmail. Chapter 1 Andy Lake 18 years or older to read this story - Broken Tears Chapter 1 GM broken tears : com u003e Subject. Stop, if the idea is repugnant to the relationships between same-sex couples sex , and if so, they are, what the hell are you here? ? All usual disclaimers apply. If you are not supossed to read, , then it should not, but I know I can not stop. * Sigh * All these characters are fictional, all made by me, thank twisted my fantasy, but erotic. I am the author, so obviously I have the history and copyrights. You can only n be distributed or downloaded for personal pleasure with my approval. This chapter is written a certain John and his inteneded a that way: D ****************** ***** unexpected - Chapter 1 *********************** Ahhhh... Tonight was great! The show was full of talent, and won. I was n when on top of the wundo, but me and my mother was a great fight. Almost always the case. I love her much, but every time I sing up on stage and she is angry with me. I think I remember it Dad. When they divorced, she keeps me because I look like them. I have deep blue eyes, blonde hair, I am only 5'5 "and for a 14 year old, I'm looking is small. I have a pretty face, and I've worn glasses since I was seven years, only as my mother. she loves me sooo much and it shows often. my father s an artist, and has a great voice, but not like a singer. he is keen and n handsome as my older brother bone marrow. You share your name and live in Canada and live in London with her mother. I only see once a year, , but I love, and love it. last Christmas was to look to Canada my ​​father, and he showed me this video when I was young and had a band. my mother Preteen Fuck was a Preteen Fuck groupie, and that's how they met. the role of song was \\ \\ n I'm excited trained in the Christmas holidays, my dad and I left ISinging lessons when he was not in the business. He said he had a great voice n so I kept my new goal, but my mother hated him. She loved her father, and he broke his heart. I do not know why, but he did, and my mom hated it. Every time he sang , it looked so sad. We were heading home from the show, na acid one another, and I had enough. I never raised my voice to him, , but now I was annoyed. " Mom, stop it, I'm not Dad, you still treat me that way! " I said loudly. I was very angry. " I- it's just so similar to the stage. Trust is not in life that you have on stage and it was exactly like him," he said, mourn. "Sorry, baby. You know I love you Tyler, but the thought n Her father only brings me great pain. I'm sorry. " She drove the tears rolled on the cheeks and I felt bad. I love my mother, but she so much pain that I did not know what to do. N "Mom, I think should be som - LOOK OUT" He stared at me, but if andelled, turned out the street and saw the lights of the truck. that grabbed me and unbuckled his belt and inexplicable force, I threw in the back seat jumped on me and covered me with his body. I felt dizzy, disappeared from my sight and I fainted just before , I heard a soft whisper, "I love you baby. You were my world. " u003e u003e u003e u003e u003e u003e u003e u003e u003e Five hours later u003e u003e u003e u003e u003e u003e u003e u003e u003e u003e u003e u003e u003e u003e I felt like I was stunned. I do not know where it was, but I was lying. I could feel a bed under me, and I opened my eyes and looked right in light and closed s when it opened and I saw above me blur and heard some votes, and as a weak but steady beep of a heart monitor. ", Mom ?" I said my eyes adjusted to the light. " She is not here Sweety. Your father is here in a couple of hours. " Said a soft female voice. "Where is my mother ?" I said and sat down. My eyes are fully adjustable, and was looking into the eyes of the beautiful brunette lady in front of me. ", Tyler, I am your lawyer mother, Sarah. They were in a car accident, and his the mother of his body covered to reduce the impact on you, but... "It Preteen Fuck was silent, and a tear escaped his eyes and ran down his cheek. " No, no, no, no, no, no, NOOOOO ! "I was terrified, and I've tried s out of bed. I pulled the rope away from me and began to mourn, as tears ran down my cheeks uncontrollably. " Doctor! Help ! " Sarah shouted through the door. A doctor and nurse came many to me and held me when I cried. I saw one of the nurses to remove the needle and injected me with some things. I was started wake up dazed and began to mourn in silence, trying to stop the support of of nurses and doctors and sleep took me. I, and looked around. vi Sarah, and takes my hand and smiled. I saw her and gave her a soft smile. I killed my mother. was my fault, but she loved me, and that n me happy. I neverbe the same, I thought, but always remember n them. I always love my mom, and she was my world. Tears shot in the cheek and looked into my eyes brunette Sara. " Sooo, what will happen to me ?" I could hardly resist the cry of the need to. I could hardly stay calm, but my mom said, " peace is his mind, and if you go on, be expressed. " So I let it go easily. I shouted to the room: "Why she had to go to " Sarah wrapped her arms around me and rocked me back and forth when I cried, "What will happen Sarah now what? "I cried on his shoulder. N " You'll be fine, honey. Your father will be here soon. His mother left him from his care and all their belongings. This is one reason why I am here. there is too much for you to handle, so I loved this character, if you can now. "She said that when they come into her purse and pulled out a contract of and a pen. "What is it? " I asked, confused. " Well, that's a document that Ior deliver your belongings to their father, but keep your trust, you can use when you are reaching the age of 21. "She said quietly. " Sooo, if I sign this is something my father to mother, "he asked cautiously. N " He willingly as a representative, but if you buy something for sale n or something in your features, its approval is required. "She said, a smile. " Ok. I hope my dad. "He told me that when he took the pen and signed the document. I n end, they put it back in your pocket. We talked for over an hour, and , explained that I move to Canada with my father. I was not happy, , but I have no choice. at least I had it, and I'm not going to be s through all this alone. we talked about the funeral of my mother held in my house. I was in pain, but I had to do for my mother. Sarah left the room gave me a gentle kiss on the forehead. I rose from his hospital bed and entered the bathroom. I looked good. I pretty thin, but tONED body looked good. My eyes were swollen and red, but that still looked like bright sapphires. I wear my glasses and my pony fell to my eye. I looked beautiful, and I never had the feeling, as before. My mother always told me I was beautiful and all, , but yet I have never been convinced. Today, I valued my life and I do not think it so bad. I look cute, like a sweet gay guy. I always accepted that way, even at school. Even dad and Mark knew, and not seem to mind. I was lucky, but I did not realize before. I had good friends, family and a great life. I have my business and left back into the room. I saw my father standing in the door with tears down, and I had never mourn before. I went to him, and he looked at me. It looked like a lost child, and hugged him tightly. that hugged me and whispered in my ear. "Sorry Tyler (Tyler Jacobs, Alexander Sanct d ', so I ). Do not know do. You mustbroken, my poor child. " He said he hugged me fixed. N " I'll be fine. I am a strong father, just like you. "I said when I called her the shoulder. " I know you are.. Like his mother. I promise you I love you, Tyler. You will be happy with Mark and me. "He said ruffling his hair. " Where is Marky ? "Only you could call it that. " He does not know what to do. He is crying in the waiting room. He says that s not even look at you, and the idea that the tears in her eyes broke his heart. " My father told me he looked into his eyes. ", but I need it. "I said looking at him. " Ok, Tyler must attract. The doctor said we could go to a few hours. "He said. N I went into the bathroom with some clothes I brought, and I changed. I was surprised when I saw my body that did not even cover a bruise. my mother n scratched me with her body and she even I. This idea is slowly killing me. n left my hospital room and walked over to where my father hugging a \\ \\ n mark, as he called on my father 's shoulder. I approached her and said. "Hi Marky " Preteen Fuck I watched him as he looked up to meet my eyes. It was exactly as I remember, a Scotsman of 16 years of age. it is very popular and sentimental, but does not show... has brown messy hair, dark brown eyes, and he is 6'3 "and 200 kilos of pure is a kind of hairy muscle, but never wears a mustache or beard, we have A 9 - the shadow of the clock again and again. " Ty" I'm so so sad. " He told me to take up a big hug. " Marky 's okay, I want to squeeze to death. " I said with a small laughter. " I will make sure no one was hurt again in Canada. Do not want to see a not hurt you. " I said between sobs. "OK. I love you Mark, and you are a big brother. " He said I n snuggled into his chest. " I love you too, baby brother. I love you too. " He said when he asked the head above me. talked for a while, and my father asked me if I wanted to see a therapist. I decreases. I felt good andnough of me, and I was not going to leave this haven me. Time passed and my father, Mark, and I have in my house for two days. that has completed preparations for the commemoration, and I was dressed in black. I out of the room and sat on my glasses. I went to the room of the s, and it was full of guests. Most of them knew that some of them n. was serving customers and receive hugs and speeches of support. In the middle of the night a Power Point presentation started playing, and my mother's life shone on them. I was in the majority of the images, and I cried for them all. I felt relieved, as n I cried. Near the end of the evening went to the coffin of my mother at her. She was so pale, and a tear from their eyes fell upon my glasses, she was always sooo full of life, I kissed the soft drink n left to the area where the canvas, took the microphone and had been Thank the guests for coming. Some of them requested a song for me. I ifGhede and saw the coffin, and I knew what to play. I went to the computer , in search of the karaoke songs I had. The music started, I looked at the crowd, and I opened my mouth, as a tear in my face. I started singing when I see Miley Cyrus. It was me and my songs mother. When I look I see forgiveness, I do not see the truth. You love me Who am I, as the moon, the stars are right where they belong. and I'm not alone. (This part is my heartache ) n I was crying the whole song. I looked at the crowd, and some n will nod, some crying, and my father had drugged and Mark expression on their faces. I walked and walked to my room, and when I went, someone took my arm. It was John, a friend from school. " Hello John !" I was happy. It was always good to see. It made me feel so only my ​​best. I do not know why, but it does. " Is it true that you left ?" He asked as he looked on the Preteen Fuck ground. " Yeah, sorry John. I have to move with my dad. " I said, defeated. "You can not go. You're my best friend and I love you. You can move a me. But do not go ! " He said as he began to mourn. " John, I love you too. You 're my best friend in the world. We E -mail and Skype, but I can not get at home. 's Too much. " I said. " I understand, but please never forget me. " He said with a pleading look in the beautiful emerald green eyes. " I do not even know if I wanted. " I said and hugged him. it fell off Preteen Fuck and he leaned over, kissed my lips. John was nice, and I have always had an eye on it. He was not an athlete or anything else, but it was just sweet as hell. that stood back and looked into his eyes. " I'll miss you. " I said. "I want to know. " He looked at me and left. I left my life rear, and was a big part of it. entered my room with a steady stream of tears running down my cheeks. I full of the last things he did and was surprised band is a knock at the door. "Ty ¿ I can go ? " Said Mark 's voice from the other side of the door. " Yes, of course you can. " I said as I closed my last pocket with zipper. " You were awesome out there. I bet once we got to Canada, is daddy 'll presumably nonstop, " he said, smiling. " Yes, I think I'm for anything. " I said as a tear escaped my eyes. " No, son, brother, do not cry. You make me mourn. " He ran and hugged me fixed. "Sorry Marky. 're The best. " I said, I cried a little too hard. "No Ty, do not cry. " He said that when she was crying hard. "Sorry Mark, I'm not as strong as you. " He told me that I dug in the chest cried like gasping for air. " not going to be OK. Going to be okay. " He repeated, as he hugged me. I loved my brother s, and there was nothing sexual about our relationship. It was pure love family. I felt my eyelids heavy brand always supported me and I slept in his died poor sense of security for the first time since my mom. The next thing I remember hazy days. My mother was cremated, and she gave me from the ashes. She always told me that after his death she wished to be cremated n and where I liked. After it was over, we are on the plane and in Canada, British Colombia to be exact. I looked out the window and thought and hope of a life better here. I was really scared. I was never social enough, s never an extrovert, and nothing but confidence that I knew was that I went on stage. Unfortunately, this trust was not eternal. arrived in British Columbia in the afternoon at four o'clock, and I felt n a little dizzy. I need some time to get used to change back, I said to myself A car with my father came and picked us up. They brought a float for all my stuff, because it gave them a lot. We went to the house, and when we could not stop thinking about what actions to me. I could not start all over again, make friends, marginalized, and all that. I was not sure it was best to come here in Decemberision, but I had n is an option, so I had to put up with it. went home, and it was huge, like all the other houses in field. My father is rich, and now with the properties of my mother, even rich. From what I've heard of Mark, there were a few wealthy families in the area. I saw the man went to started to move things in my room, I to verify if they were ready. I had to do n something more important now. I went into the backyard, and it looked sooo beautiful, full plants and flowers. Even had a current flow from a small waterfall in the back so far. The river ran through the field and separated into two streams, the sorounding a perfect circle of water from a n empty circle on the grass. I went to, was digging in his pocket, and I fished part of the seed. My mother 's name was Rosa, and she was as beautiful as one. I planted the seed, the seed of Rosa guess some of you already have a hole in I excavated in the cirlce of grass surrounded bystreams of clear water. I inside and took the ashes of my mother's table in the living room. I out and threw the ashes in the place which I had planted the flowers. I , and ash cover the seeds with soil. I wanted to live my mother by them in this way, I thought I would never lose his eternal beauty. The men finished putting things in my room and organization, and I went home. I had dried my tears and I was closing with the terrible chapter in my life. I'm glad that I had finally ended. " Hey kid, want to Preteen Fuck see your room? " My father asked me with a smile. "Of course !" I said smiling, frankly, for the first time in a few weeks. " Follow me then. " He said with a big smile TIME. I followed him down the stairs and entered a room beautifully decorated with a few tables that had the flowers in the right places. The only room n had two doors, and said the left of the page: " Mark: Beware of the studies; )". I laughed, and saw the door on the right across and n Mark my name on a gold plate on the beautiful black cursive forge read that, "Ty Room". There was a document by inserting a document that is Mark in writing, and read it. " Do not give up. Is likely to suck a dick now. " I laughed and walked Mark Zimmer. I hastened to leave any paper and pencil and then wrote something that stuck to the door as I went. Dad read yn laughed as he removed the paper to my door and took me to the room. was beautiful, huge and well decorated. I even had a kitchenette n and a huge bed, even those with a curtain on it. I speech. It was a big ass room. I took a deep breath, and my father laughed as he dragged me to the bathroom. Also, my mouth is. in the other end of the bathroom with large bath salts and many shower gels n was on the side. I got into a bath of a yellowish-white China , a cozy bar with two sinks and a large mirror to see covered n to the topWall opposite the sink. The yellow light was dim, which is the bathroom a seductive appeal. My father left me in my room to take a bath, and I found a hot bath with lavender salts in the bathroom. I washed and went to my room with a towel around my waist and heard someone scream. " little bitch ! " Mark opened the door with the paper taped to the door n in his hand. "So there. Mark is notoriously hot sex with her.. hand LOL !" He read it aloud. "Sorry Mark, who was directly in contact with you, to be honest. " I said I ran and jumped on my bed. " You will not leave. " He said as he jumped on me, and I accidentally grabbed Preteen Fuck a towel. He fell, and he looked at me with a look astonishment on his face and not for pleasure, surprise you. " Damn Lil Bro N 'is the most ass I see a girl or a boy. " He told us speech. my ​​fat ass fucking was the center of my insecurity. I always wore cowboys loose, so it would be small. He was the only pAdvice on my body This bold look, and I learned to hate. " There is no fat !" I yelled, exasperated. "There is but it looks good. You'll have so many pricks Lil 'Bro. " It s said I wrapped the towel around my waist and blushed. " Fuck you, Marky. I'm going to wear. " I said, feigning anger. " Well, but well dressed. I'm taking with my friends tonight, and the needs of my girl Jenni, in such a hurry. " I said as I closed the door no, n gives me the opportunity to say no. Maybe that was part of the plan, ensuring that that I could not say no.. Son of a bitch. I replaced a pair of loose jeans, as I always do. I began to hide only at least some of my fat ass. I looked in the mirror and admired a little. I saw sweet enough. I had an aqua colored shirt, eyes stand out, my blond bangs covering my left eye, and my jeans seem fair. I went downstairs and saw Mark was waiting for me on the couch. " end. Why did it take soooo loooong ? " He said as he looked. "sorry. I just wanted to look good, "I said blushing. " Well, not quite. "I said while laughing. " Ha- Ha- Ha! Fuck Marky. "I said as I walked toward the door with him near n ago. We got into the car and opened the doors. Mark left the house n and where we are headed their way. \\ \\ n " Mark, where do we go ? "I asked, looking at him. " Well, go to the cafeteria space. "I said, smiling. " Ok. Why not ? "I asked. " Well, go to many children in our school there. It's like instead of every one favorite hang out. Ben 's Coffee Shop. "He said. " Oh, I understand. "I said I nodded. " Yep. We will start school in three days, and I have to be in the n EN crowd. "I said while laughing. " Ok. I do not think I'll fit in, but not bad. " " Shut up. " He said when he hit the back of my head mildly. " We are here. " He spoke again as he stopped. N We left the car and headed to the cafeteria beautiful. We enter and went and madeway to the table. I felt the eyes of many a me. Maybe the new people not so well. Mark took me to a table total of minors, I guess. They saw only the same age as Mark. " Hello people. Long time no see. This guy is my baby brother, Ty. " said, pushing me from him. "I'm Tyler, Ty. " I said, shooting a dirty look for Mark. Just as I said the table laughed. " sooo cute he is ! " Shouted a blonde. "It seems that Mark has all the ugly of the family. " Someone said. I blushed and looked down. I looked closely and saw that the n previous comment, all that made ​​her laugh, and I saw the best man ever. It was at least 6'2 ", 210 pounds, white skin was tanned arms, thick, in the big chest, a square jaw, dark brown hair, dark brown (almost black ) eyes, and was super muscular. He looked soooo hot wearing a polo shirt and tight shorts load with a cap. going to die. I even had to remind myself, breathe when I met her andYes, I looked up and smiled. Once again, was put to shame, and eveyone commented about how shit nice it was. "Hi, Jane. " The blonde girl. " Tom," a tough guy. "I'm Jenni. " A beautiful black girl. Hmmm. Jenni is Marky friend, and it seems like he has good taste in girls. "I'm Jake. " A hot man said from the corner. From the looks I was n greeted by secondary rights. "I'm Don. " A warm, kind bulky, black, said that since the back. " And, I 'm Jeff. " Superb individual, as he looked at me. " Pleased to meet you all. Addittion not want to be an evil to his party to I'm leaving. " I said to the creation of a fake smile and turn to the round. " do not go. " The whole group said that as I wanted to go. Why would to hang out with me? Aahh, Preteen Fuck it occurred to me now. They knew that my mother died, and was a shame. " You do not have to be nice to me. My mother died, and the compassion of others, not bring them back. " I told him I had a few tears. " YourMother died? "Said Jane, when he broke to mourn in the arms of Don. " I feel. I thought you knew. "He told me that I began to mourn. Mark grabbed me and hugged me when I sat at the table. Children he gave me his condolences and Jeff, he also had a tear drop it. We had coffee, and for the first time Preteen Fuck in a few weeks ago I was with a lot fun, joking to the stories of my shame by Marco child, etc. I I'm happy I felt. Perhaps this would not be n so bad, I thought as I smiled to myself. ************ Jeff POV ** * *********** at present about a fun day, Mark was back and wanted to leads to his younger brother. I never I have known, even for n image, and this is surprising, because Mark and I are friends he I have been five years. so some knowledge of what I knew, moved I n. n I went to the cafeteria and greeted the children. we were at our meeting in panel, and TableNo mail was carried out by the window in the coffee. I looked and saw Mark 's car to the parking at the rear of the cafeteria, and minutes later the door opened. Marcos went with , a child behind him, and he hid behind his brother. When they came to a our table and walked away, exposing his younger brother, Mark, who hides behind n him. I was amazed. I was expecting a mini -jockey look like Mark, but is not. This boy, who looked absolutely beautiful and perfect. He dressed type nerd, and wore glasses, but his eyes stung so much. He stressed gorgeous blond hair of his presence and you could see his big blue eyes. His eyes looked like a deer in the eye, just a little smaller. It was beautiful impressive, and he was a boy. So far, I thought to myself as a right, but this child could tell me just switch teams "fuck me". I saw him soo much that every time I looked up, the eyes of our s met, and he bowed his head and blushed cute. I want to install rRIGHT and fuck for all to see, but probably I n attacked by Mark. He was so protective of her brother. I've never seen a as protective of him as someone of it. So, my baby, I can not believe that n that have already mentioned this, he had said. We told him to return, and he came out and said that sympathy is with him because of the death of his s, the mother did not bring them back. We were all totally surprised, and Jane, as always, broke away. I even saw Doug and Tom tears in your eyes keeps my son Mark, as if crying. I looked at him, , and the tears fell my eyes. I only saw him mourn shattered and broke the heart of Preteen Fuck my s. I wanted to kiss him until he was better, but the best I could do I told him how sorry for your loss. I did, and he cried just more difficult. Why I like a DAMN CHILD so fast? ! It was more than most of the the perfect I've ever seen. Maybe, just maybe, is what they call love at first sight. I took a deep breath and sigheded, when I saw the boy , and wanted the child was. ============================================ ============================= ==== == Thanks for reading, and I hope you like my story so far. If no read my story together in a list, called Revenge lustful. It recent so you must look up. It must point to the first 50 floors. Thanks again, and please e- mail if you like my story. Writer, if what I call love received an answer, and not too shy to ask for anything personal. If you do e- mail, please enter the story that is by e- mail more. I hope you had fun writing this as much as I enjoyed it, and I I want to thank my editor at Riley. Loooove him, and he is so good and all. If you want to email, send an e- mail that I andrewgay41 hotmail. com Thanks to Stephen for editing. You are awesome!
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